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A warm noggin makes for a happy outdoor experience! And knit headwear is the classic solution for staying warm and looking cool even in the harshest winter conditions. You can rely on Cameo’s extensive line of hats, caps, beanies, tuque and more to deliver optimal comfort and performance.
At Cameo, we set the trend in athletic, casual, outdoor and cold weather wear meticulously crafted to meet the needs of active women and men who demand functionality, comfort and style from their headwear. Tell us what your market objectives are, and we will find the perfect hat to reach them — or go ahead and create it, working hand in hand with our design experts and manufacturing partners to tailor every feature to suit your target customers’ needs and preferences.

We know beanies & tuques

Beanies and tuques are great not only for protecting against heat loss in the winter but also for keeping UV rays from damaging sensitive scalps all year long. Athletes and other active lifestyle practitioners have long turned to knit hats for both reasons — not to mention the casual chic they bring to any outfit. Cameo is your trusted source for beanies, tuques and hats that are sure to turn heads!

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Our extensive knowledge of the market and insight into consumer needs and trends make Cameo the perfect partner for retailers looking for turnkey solutions to bring the best in active, casual and work wear to their discerning, fashion-savvy customers. We have earned the respect and confidence of leading retail chains and e-commerce platforms across North America and world wide by consistently delivering on our promise to provide quality, style and performance in all the varied climates.

We work with a team of seasoned packaging and promotional specialists to create campaigns that build winning brand equity. And all of this is backed by our time-tested distribution and logistics expertise: you can trust Cameo to get the socks you want to any market in the U.S., Canada and worldwide.

Building a
better product

Beyond bringing retailers the best in today’s socks, headwear, neckwear and base layers, we are committed to working with our partners to create the products of tomorrow. We embrace technological developments in knitwear and hosiery as a catalyst for growth, both for our organization and for our clients. We are early adopters by nature, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies into all of our processes, from R&D and design, to manufacturing, logistics and distribution. This pledge to staying at the forefront of the industry means our clients can always be assured of optimal value, performance and reliability.

Looking for the best in lifestyle, outdoor and athletic accessories?

Look no further! At Cameo, we are pleased to bring the world’s best-made socks, headwear, neckwear, base layers and other products to North America’s top brick-and-mortar and online retailers. We work hand in hand with our retail partners to deliver the right brands for the right market at the right price. Our product development and design specialists are also here for you to bring your creative ideas to life, using durable, sustainability-minded materials and production processes that have been refined over decades.
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