FILA is world-renowned for its high-quality urban leisurewear and sportswear that combines sophisticated design and time-tested craftsmanship, keeping athletes and fashionistas alike comfortable and well-dressed from one season to the next.
Cameo’s retail partners appreciate the fashion-forward flair, value and durability of FILA sport socks, crew socks, quarter socks, tennis socks and ankle socks for women, men, boys and girls. Their customers love FILA’s commitment to delivering an always authentic, always trend-defying selection of socks in tune with their lifestyle needs, striking the ideal balance between fashion and comfort.
Fila socks and shoes in a theater
Fila socks and shoes in a theater
Stretching out over a 100+ year history, the FILA brand has long been synonymous with unparalleled comfort, fit, performance and style. The iconic FILA line of socks has fans all over the world and we are proud to bring this timeless legacy of excellence to department stores and big-box retailers across Canada.
Fila socks and shoes in a gym

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At Cameo, we are pleased to bring the world’s best-made socks, headwear, neckwear, base layers and other products to top brick-and-mortar and online retailers. We work hand in hand with our retail partners to deliver the right brands for the right market at the right price. Looking for more information on the enduringly popular FILA collection? Be sure to request a catalogue today and let us know how we can bring you solutions in tune with your customers’ needs.
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